Because Kentuckians deserve a fair shot at redemption

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    Who We Are

    Clean Slate Kentucky is a broad, bipartisan coalition of community groups, businesses, and directly-impacted leaders working to ensure that everyone who has earned a shot at redemption receives it. Having a record should not be a life sentence to poverty.

    Clean Slate in Kentucky

    Currently, an estimated 1.3 million adults in Kentucky have a record. That's 38% of adults who are denied fair opportunities to employment, housing, education, and more, solely because of an arrest or conviction on their record. The Kentucky Clean Slate Act would provide a path for more than half a million people to have their records fully cleared - and that's because they have earned it by completing their sentences and remaining crime-free. Automating record clearance would help working families and businesses in Kentucky by expanding the pool of talented workers.

    Clean Slate Kentucky

    Coalition Members

    The Clean Slate Initiative

    ACLU of Kentucky


    Georgia Center for Opportunity

    Goodwill Kentucky

    Kentucky Primary Care Association

    Louisville Urban League

    Responsible Business Initiative for Justice

    Right on Crime

    The Clean Slate Act

    The Kentucky Clean Slate Act would automate the expungement of eligible records. Streamlining the record clearance process can remove the bureaucratic, complicated, and often expensive processes that prevent many working families from receiving a second chance despite having earned it. Clean Slate laws have been adopted by twelve states so far, and families, communities, and economies across the country are benefiting. Now, it’s time for lawmakers in Frankfort to ensure Kentucky isn’t left behind.